I Am Green is an organization that demonstrates operational unity, collective movement, and fair distribution of resources. 

When I Am Green works in the the community, for the community, with the community, we ensure our community members are rewarded for their time and talent. 

Our cooperative model has allowed us to:

  • Initiate and sustain the only Free EV Car Share Program for Southeast San Diego Community Residents. I Am Green Go! 
  • Facilitate a free entrepreneur Camp for youth to enjoy the great outdoors in rural Georgia: Camp Freedom
  • Provide Environmental Literacy & Green Workforce Development Training
  • Provide a $1,500.00 Eco-Scholarship to black youth who participate in environmental justice projects or with environmental justice organizations. Claude & Mary Eco-Scholarship
  • Provide Community Resiliency Training in Environmental Justice Communities affected most by climate crisis. CRI
  • Begin the development of an intentional Eco-Friendly Zero Carb Development Village in rural Georgia
  • Provide Gift cards & Stipends to community members who qualify and participate in I Am Green’s Programs and Initiatives! 

When you support I Am Green with your tax deductible generous donation, you support community (.) Check out our work HERE!