About Water Wanderings is Growing!

Water Wanderings is growing and we need your help! 

Since 2017, Water Wanderings has been empowering young people through inclusive outdoor adventure and environmental education. Over the past six years, we've grown from 1 camp serving 4 campers to 3 camps serving 28 campers this past summer. Next summer, we are doubling the number of days of camp we offer and we need to invest in sustainable staffing for all the work that happens outside of camp counseling.

From marketing and communications, to gear management, to curriculum development, to bookkeeping, Water Wanderings has relied on volunteers to support core functions of our organization. Volunteers have enabled Water Wanderings to offer one of the most economically accessible summer camps of its kind for low income families while growing our organizational capacity. We have reached a point where continuing to rely heavily on volunteers is unsustainable and we need your help to ensure we can continue offering scholarships and a sliding scale while we transition towards paying administrative staff. 

Please join us in laying the foundation for a sustainable financial future for Water Wanderings. Your support helps us work towards manifesting our vision that young people will disrupt oppression by building healthy relationships with themselves, each other, and the earth. All contributions are tax-deductible and every gift goes a long way. Thank you!  

There are two main ways you can support Water Wanderings:

1. Become a Fundraiser: Your participation as a Water Wanderings peer-to-peer fundraiser expands the reach of our campaign and helps Water Wanderings connect with new people. Peer-to-Peer fundraisers raised much more than the average donor last year! We provide a template and support to make setting up your page and spreading awareness about it easy. 

2. Make a Donation: Your one-time or recurring contribution helps Water Wanderings ensure we can continue to offer scholarships and a sliding scale while growing into long-term financial and staffing sustainability.

What Your Gift Will Accomplish

  • $25 covers one camper's portion of our campsite reservation fees. 
  • $50 covers the cost of food for one camper or counselor.
  • $100 covers the cost of supplies for two camps. 
  • $250 covers the cost of lifeguard certification for one of our counselors. 
  • $500 covers the cost of hiring a food donations manager to expand our partnerships with local businesses. 
  • $1,000 covers the cost of hiring a gear manager to support counselors with gear logistics and repair. 

The first 20 people to donate $100+ or to sign up for a monthly recurring donation of $10+ will receive a copy of the 2022 liberation calendar from the Ricardo Levins Morales Art Studio. Every gift makes a difference! 

Volunteer and In-Kind Donation Opportunities 

Making a monetary contribution is by no means the only way to support Water Wanderings in advancing our mission! We rely on support from our community to keep our costs as low as possible through in-kind donations and volunteered time. The list below highlights a few of the ways you can get involved and make an impact this year. 

  • Become a peer-to-peer fundraiser and rally your network to raise funds during our year-end campaign. 
  • Volunteer with Water Wanderings by lending your skills in graphic design, marketing, fundraising, gear maintenance and repair, or other area of expertise relevant to supporting our mission. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected].
  • Help Water Wanderings connect with more local farms and businesses to solicit donations of food, such as bread, cheese, produce or whole grains. 
  • Share information about Water Wanderings with your friends and family who might be interested in attending camp or making a donation to support our mission and vision.