About In Tribute To Flora J. Sherman

Flora J. Sherman

November 27, 1935 - September 5, 2022

Flora Sherman officially finished her teaching career when she retired from Bonsall School District as a middle school teacher in the early 1990’s, but she continued to share her wisdom and strived to inspire and teach others until the very end.

Though Flora taught in many school districts before Bonsall, Bonsall was where her heart resided. Her daughter, granddaughter, and grandson all attended K-8th grades at Bonsall. For this reason and many more, Flora never stopped volunteering at Bonsall schools and their related functions. In retirement, after teaching Math, Mechanical Drawing and the G.A.T.E program, she substituted at Bonsall schools and volunteered often at BEF functions. Flora continued to assist advanced and at-risk 4th graders at Bonsall Elementary in math while her grandchildren were students there.

Mrs. Sherman was a born teacher who never stopped sharing what she knew with those who wanted her knowledge or needed her assistance. In honor of her legacy, we thank you for helping to pass on her love of math through your donation to the Bonsall Education Foundation.