About Alice Bohrer's Mitzvah Project

Hi! My name is Alice Bohrer, I am in 7th grade and my Bat Mitzvah is on March 4th, 2023. For my Mitzvah project, I want to support the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled.

I play a variety of sports - softball, tennis, and snowboarding. I snowboard every winter and I am in my town's Little League fall and spring Softball league. I play tennis every week and all summer long, improving my ground strokes and having fun. I love all of these sports, but I now realize not everyone can do these activities easily. I want to help others have the same opportunities that I do and to experience the joy of playing sports.

Israel Sport Center for the Disabled is a great organization that lets people with disabilities express themselves through sports and helps people enjoy the experience of playing sports. Please help by donating to this incredible organization, I am trying to raise enough to buy a sports wheelchair ($3,600) so that more children and adults alike can have an opportunity to express themselves through sports.

To help reach my goal of buying a sports wheelchair, I will be selling tournament brackets for the Australian Tennis Open in January ‘23. If you make a donation to my page, I will send you a bracket and we can follow along as the tournament unfolds.

Each bracket is $36, buy as many as you want!

Thanks, Alice Bohrer