About End of Year Fundraiser

As the year comes to a close, the Visibility Impact Fund asks for you to join us in supporting Bi+ communities.

Since 2020, The Visibility Impact Fund has been creating a new space for bisexual, pansexual, fluid, queer (bi+) communties within LGBTQ Philanthropy. We are the first and only giving circle and community fund to solely and exclusively award grants to bi+ organizations and projects. 

Through the generosity of our Giving Circle members and donors, in a short two years we have already awarded $25,000 supporting TEN different projects and organizations that work to increase the visibility, health, and well-being of bi+ people.

So far we have funded some amazing bi+ projects: general operations for a new organization,Bi+ Georgia, to get off the ground; video creation to discuss bi+erasure for PRISM, an LGBTQ Center in Florida; multiple projects for Still Bisexual; a new national program by the Bisexual Resource Center to provide informative bi+ pride packs; a new paid Intern for Bi Women Quartely to help increase their readership; an online forum for bi+ youth and free bi+ resources for Four Courners Rainbow Youth Center in Colorado; and many other artistic and community-building endeavors around the US. 

And we are only getting started. With your help, we  will fund even more bi+ organizations and projects in 2023. 

Let's do this! #BiUsForUs

P.S. Bi+ people make up the majority of the LGBTQ population, suffer higher rates of health and economic disparities, and yet receive less than 1/10th of a percent of LGBTQ grants every year. The Visibility Impact Fund aims to change this.