About All Seasons Transformation (AST)

When our agency was founded, we specifically mentioned housing as one of our agency's supports, as our founders knew all too well about the immense housing crisis within our community. Since opening our doors in 2019, we have worked extensively with local landlords to support survivors in accessing rentals, offered multiple cycles of rent-smart, hosted house-buying workshops and financial wellness programming, and collaborated with shelters in the area to help our survivors in their journey of stabilization, healing, and transitioning. Our community has weathered a global pandemic, and we are just beginning to see the fallout; we know that our unhoused homeless population in the community is up over 235% (pulled from Brown County HMIS system) from last year. Our agency is honored and excited to expand our existing housing services into residential services.

All Seasons Transformation (AST) is a 49-bed transitional living facility for men experiencing a transition. For all facility and programmatic details, please view the brochure included in this mailing or our website at We want to say thank you for all the support, help, advice, prayers, and groupthink that has made this transition possible up to this point.

A huge part of the monumental success our agency has experienced since even before opening its door is the generosity and support of community. Like most transitions in life, we have experienced some unexpected bumps in the road. We currently have a financial ask to support the transition of expansion of services and unexpected bumps. We are raising $125,000 for various projects around the facility that have moved from future projects to needed projects to keep guests safe in a healthy environment:

  • The most urgent and unexpected most significant bump in the road is the boiler. Originally it was thought that our boiler needed a few minor parts and maintenance to sustain over the next couple of years. Unfortunately, in the last two weeks, we have discovered that our boiler needs to be fully replaced. We are still waiting for final quotes, but this project will cost a minimum of $60,000. As we move into the colder months, our leadership is deeply concerned as our gas bill was $5,413.39 last month and only will continue to grow as the boiler continues to be strained. We have been warned that the current boiler will not last through the winter.

  • Another unexpected bump in the road was our existing security system on site. The system is outdated and in the last month to malfunction. Additionally, as we did a comprehensive overview of security for the facility, we discovered multiple blind spots, and a new system is desperately needed. Quotes for such an upgrade are between $7,000-$12,000.

  • One project we knew would need community support is with the elevator. After reviewing the system in the building, contractors advised that the current system be ripped out, and a new one be put in. The lower end of these estimates shows $40,000 for this project.

  • With our physical space being an older building, some locks need to be replaced, windows need to be fixed, painting needs to be done, faucets need to be replaced, and other odd and end jobs as most older buildings need. The remaining will be used for the odd and end projects to ensure that our guests are in a safe and healthy environment.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity in making this expansion not just possible but successful.

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