About Become a Bridge Builder for Young People in Nepal

Become a Bridge Builder

Your support can build a bridge between the education system in Nepal today, and the modern education system the Nepalese people desire and demand.

 All donations will be matched until December 31st 

Students exploring the newest Computer Learning Environment Center installed in November 2022 in Ghorka Distric, Nepal.

A Personal Note

Dear Friends,

I am a board member of Digital Bridges 4 Nepal. Our goal at Digital Bridges is to act as a catalyst accelerating the much needed changes to the Nepalese education system that Nepalese themselves want and demand. We do this by teaming up with Nepalese in the diaspora and underserved villages and municipalities in Nepal and then delivering a fully outfitted, digitally-enabled classroom. We call them Computer Learning Environment Centers (CLEC). In addition to the computers and audio visual equipment, we provide technical assistance, teacher training and ongoing support for each CLEC. And with each installation of a new CLEC, this coalition of Nepalese, remote communities, and people of good will around the world are showing that change is possible. Through collective action, we are serving the needs of ambitious young Nepalese eager for opportunity and knowledge. 

Our guiding vision at Digital Bridges is to literally be a bridge between the education system as it exists today in Nepal, and the truly modern education system our children deserve. 

As a board member for Digital Bridges 4 Nepal, I'm fully committed to improving the lives of children, and take great pride in each new installation of a CLEC. It means the incredible children we serve have more opportunity, and more support so they can realize their full potential as critical thinkers and future leaders.  

I invite you to join me by making a commitment to accelerating change in Nepal. By donating to Digital Bridges 4 Nepal, you are helping establish a nation-wide network of digitally connected schools, teachers and administrators. We hope to launch 5 new Computer Learning Environment Centers in 2023, we hope you will join us in making that possible. 

With Gratitude,

Bill Johenning

Digital Bridges for Nepal in Action

Girls helping load in the equipment during the installation of the newest CLEC at Shree Siddhakali Higher Secondary School.

The Vision

Our goal is to construct a network of 100 digitally-enabled classrooms serving every district in Nepal.

By building a network of classroom, Digital Bridges is acting as a catalyst accelerating the much needed changes to the Nepalese education system that Nepalese young people themselves want and demand.

We link Nepalese in the diaspora and people of goodwill around the world with communities in Nepal who are desperate to modernize the education system so the next generation prepared to lead Nepal into a more just, climate change resilient, and equitable future.

With our partners, supporters and the communities we serve, we are building a bridge between the education system as it exists today in Nepal, and the truly modern education system all children deserve. 

The Challenge

  • "Nepal has struggled for decades to provide meaningful opportunities for large parts of its population, particularly for those who live in the countryside." - NY Times, November 2022. 
  • Nepalese “students are adept in tasks related to memorization and recall, but are not effective in skills requiring application or ability at a higher cognitive level." - UNESCO
  • “Inequity, or disparity across social, income, and geographic dimensions... increases the vulnerability to shocks that can erode years of human capital investment.” - World Bank 
  • 85.52% of students in Nepal attend school until grade 10, but only 13.5% complete grades 11 & 12. 
  • Over 20% of GDP in Nepal comes from low-skill migrant workers who send paychecks home to keep their own children fed and in school.

The Solution

Digital Bridges 4 Nepal acts as a catalyst accelerating much needed change in Nepalese education by providing rural youth with access to information technology and high quality education

  • Digital Bridges 4 Nepal leverages low-cost solutions to provide computers, network access, and training in order to enhance students' and teachers' skills, knowledge, practical experience and confidence in the use of information technology.
  • Digital Bridges focuses on students in grades 11 & 12 so they are able to stay in school and continue their pursuit of useful knowledge and modern skills and pursue their own chosen pathway through life.

The Time to Act is Now

"For the first time in its history, Nepal is experiencing a demographic dividend... which is a phenomenon where young people account for the largest segment of the population of a country. This provides a unique opportunity for Nepal - an opportunity for young people to educate themselves, earn a sustainable living and contribute to the country." - UNDP

The current generation of young people in Nepal are too often forced to leave home to engage in migrant work in construction and other low-wage industries. It's time to invest in young people, so they can choose the future they desire!

Click here to read the full New York Times report on Nepalese Migratant Workers in Qatar, November 16, 2022

Become a part of the Solution

Join with Digital Bridges, the Nepalese diaspora, and people of good will around the world to accelerate improvements in Nepal’s educational system.

Together we can empower Nepalese youth with the skills and knowledge they need to contribute to the growth and prosperity of their own communities and of all of Nepal.