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As this year nears the end, your tax deductible gift to GITC will impact and improve the quality of learning - and life - for students in need. We are serving in small rural districts, large urban high-poverty schools, and everywhere in between. When you give, the music starts. This is far more important than some people realize. Music can motivate, soothe, and engage students in positive academic and social experiences that truly change the course of their lives. All they need is a chance to learn together. With your support, we can make it happen!

Every student, from age 3 to 18, deserves the chance to learn to make music. Yet for so many, that opportunity has not come. Financial barriers and limited resources have prevented thousands of San Diego children and youth from developing basic musical abilities, skills, and self confidence. Music is essential to other learning, too. It can support social-emotional learning, speech and language development, reading, writing, math, communication skills, focus, attention, perseverance, teamwork, and so much more! But without teachers who are willing to learn to play, sing, create, and lead, young students in our region are missing out. We need to support these courageous teachers who will volunteer their time and energy in order to train with us. Because they care, their students can become music makers and highly engaged learners as part of each day. 

This is exactly what happens when educators include music making as a pathway to other learning. Singing for language, literacy, and all learning works wonders.

Teachers who enroll in GITC's free classes generously offer their time and effort to become Song Leaders for Learning. Most have never had music lessons before. With your help, they can develop the necessary skills and receive ongoing free supplies, support, and continuing opportunities to learn from GITC at no charge. Ever. They deserve this. They are the everyday heroes who take music into their own hands to get it to thousands of children each year. We need your help to make this possible.

Each gift given to this campaign will support a teacher to get their own ukulele or guitar, their music book, their supplies such as straps, strings, tuners, and picks, and to receive free, ongoing, weekly group training throughout the school year! 

Only with your help can we begin to re-open in-person classes and workshops in San Diego so these dedicated individuals receive the instruction, coaching, support, and tools they need to make music a part of teaching and learning this year and for years to come.

Please join with us to equip San Diego educators with the uplifting power of music this year, so they and their deserving students can experience the well-being, academic success, creativity, and joy that learning to make music makes possible. 

Thank you for your consideration, support, and generosity!

Singing, strumming, and composing songs for learning together promotes learning and increases well-being. When children strum and sing together, their worries subside, smiles emerge, and a sense of belonging sets in, helping everyone feel at ease. When they play a ukulele or guitar, their hands are busy lighting up both sides of their brains to make music. When they sing and play at the same time, they are firing up the brain's receptive and productive language centers, too! To memorize songs, they employ short term and long term memory, and they strengthen their auditory sequential memory and language retrieval skills when they practice their songs. Then, in developing the skills to play and sing with their peers, in tune, and in time, they are naturally exercising self control, self regulation, and social skills.  In other words, students in GITC classrooms give their bodies, brains, and emotions an all-over work out that makes them feel happier, smarter, and better able to navigate learning throughout the day. This is why this fundraiser is so important. When kids are given a musical way to approach difficult lesson content, instead of feeling overwhelmed, they can count on having an enjoyable learning experience. 

Learning new songs together leads to improved language and literacy skills. Once students know a song by heart, they own its contents. When they learn new songs the GITC way, everyone learns to match and play a steady beat while chanting new words and phrases with the beat, while discussing meanings and lesson content. This process aids their phonological, vocabulary, and language development, building expressive spoken language skills with fluency through lyrical emphasis and melodic phrasing.  Reading and singing the lyrics while practicing commits their new vocabulary and ideas to memory. When students are able to retrieve whole songs at will, they can use those songs to remember important information, address an emerging situation, or answer a question. In so many ways, teaching through the power of song equips students to be more successful at school and in life.

Songwriting together deepens learning, and builds social skills. Students in GITC have written songs on every topic imaginable over the past 22 years. From local history, to the scientific method, from parts of speech and elements of a story, to fractions and decimals, tributes, and safety procedures, their songs have carried their feelings and lessons from classrooms to playgrounds, right into the students' homes where they are taught to family members. The joy of writing their own songs in teams motivates them to cooperate and collaborate together using rhymes, synonyms, puns, consonance, even funny onomatopoeia lyrics. They develop stronger social skills, learning to talk things through for a great final result. Then sharing their original songs is even more fun, and has led to transformational teamwork, improved self confidence, unforgettable parent evenings, inspiring classroom buddy performances, and even appearances on stages, in videos, and on television. 

If you'd like to see more music, more smiles, and more successful learning this year, we invite you to participate in this campaign. Thank you so much for your interest and support!

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