About Birmingham Bowl Military Tickets Dec 23rd 2023

2023 Birmingham Bowl - Birmingham AL - Dec 23rd 2023 Game Tickets and

and Hospitality Tailgate

Free Military Tickets to Currently Serving Military and Vet Families - Sponsored by the Birmingham Bowl and ESPN Events.  

Tickets will be either emailed the week of the game!  Military Tickets Still available.  Pre-Game Hospitality will be first come first serve due to our large number of participants.

Please do not register for ANY game unless you can 100 percent attend.  Our donors expect their ticket donation to be used.  University donations are tracked and unused tickets cause us to get less tickets for the next game and sometimes no tickets.  Therefore anyone who does not attend after registration will be suspended from the program for one month,  We understand emergencies happen.  In that case please contact us and return the tickets.

Limit is 4 tickets per family (must be Military Registered on our site) 
*Registration includes a spot at the GDFH Tailgate with food, drink and fun before kickoff! 
*Tickets will be issued by email once we have matched you with donated tickets.  REGISTRATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE a ticket! most tickets will be emailed the week of the game.
*If you are matched with donated tickets they will be emailed.  PLEASE CHECK YOU SPAM BOX.  You will receive a pdf confirmation immediately when registering.  This is not your ticket.
*$2 Registration fee is required to secure spot in line it helps pay the administration expenses of registration. 
Fee is non refundable regardless of if you get tickets or cancel tickets.  All registrations are final?. IT IS RARE BUT LATER REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT ALWAYS MATCHED WITH A DONATION AND DO NOT RECEIVE GAME TICKETS.
(all Bowl registrations are invited to the game tailgate)