About The Sarah Kramer Delson Art Fellowship Fund

Sarah Delson was a part of the Drawing Room family of artists and activists. The practice of art-making and sharing for so many of is essential to our life. Sarah brought her love of drawing and curiosity and observations of the world around her to her artistic practice. As she struggled with the physical and mental rigors of cancer and recovery, art became her sanctuary and place to share herself. Her openness, often humorous approach to representing the ordinary details of life transcend across her life's work.

We are honored to share a retrospective of her work from the age of 13 to the last in process drawing in her sketchbook.The exhibition will be open Thursday-Monday 10-6 at our 210 Clement Street Gallery through June 26th. An artist reception will be held on June 23 from 4-9pm.

With this campaign and program, we hope to provide the resources, space and exposure to women artists that is essential at pivotal and transitional times in their lives. As we work to develop this program, and further devise a plan and program to create a long-term, sustainable place for SF based artists to create in a way that is impactful to the greater good, inspiring, educating, representing our realities, disparities, injustices and calls to action. Please stay connected as we further refine what is possible. We appreciate you for being here and for supporting what is needed - through Sarah and in her legacy. 

Thank you for supporting and we hope you can visit the gallery and see her work in person. A gallery of her images is available through the link in our logo or here: