About Citizenship Clinic

SEPA Mujer will be conducting its 2023 Citizenship Clinic on Sunday September 17, 2023, and we are inviting community partners to participate in this important event. 

The support received by community partners will be instrumental in making the 2023 Citizenship Clinic a success. Many of the members of our community face significant barriers to becoming U.S. Citizens, not only because of the many years that go into the immigration process but also because of the high costs associated with the applications. Due to financial hardships many cannot reach the final steps of their immigration process. By becoming a sponsor, you will aid someone in achieving their dream of becoming an American citizen. 

With your contribution to low income individuals applying for citizenship you’d also be promoting community strength, diversity, inclusivity, and economic mobility. Citizenship promotes civic engagement, which is crucial for building a strong and prosperous community. Citizenship also ensures that everyone has the opportunity to access rights and benefits, including the right to vote. But most importantly, it promotes inclusivity and diversity, ensuring that people from all walks of life can become U.S. citizens.