About 8448 feet for Resilience

Embrace the Challenge. Empower Resilience.

Susanne Jul, the founder of Creative Crisis Leadership, is taking on the epic challenge of swimming the Golden Gate, below the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. This physical and mental test mirrors the challenges individuals and communities face in disaster. It epitomizes the fortitude, determination, and resilience needed to overcome disaster. And it symbolizes our quest at Creative Crisis Leadership to equip individuals and communities with the confidence, skills, and mindsets necessary to navigate crises and emerge stronger.

Susanne is aiming to raise $8,448 to fund our work. That's one dollar for every foot she will be swimming on Sep 9!

Your contributions pay for the innovative games and experiential learning programs we provide at Creative Crisis Leadership. With your tax-deductible donation, we can move closer to a world where every crisis is met with people who act, improvise, and overcome together.

Every dollar you donate converts Susanne’s strokes into community empowerment. Every dollar you donate is a stroke for social resilience and disaster preparedness. Every dollar you donate will buoy Susanne up as she spends long lonely hours in the waters of training.

Plunge into the waves with Susanne and help us make a splash of impact! Let’s embrace the challenge and empower resilience together.

To donate by check, please make it payable to our fiscal sponsor, Social Good Fund, and send it to Creative Crisis Leadership, 430 Olive Av, Palo Alto CA 94306.

If you have trouble with Flipcause, you can try the Facebook campaign page, or get in touch.

Follow Susanne here, on Facebook, or on Instagram as she faces challenges large and small to prepare for this awe-inspiring swim while moving Creative Crisis Leadership forward.

Banner photograph by D Ramey Logan, CC BY-SA 4.0,