About REZ Retreat Registration 2023


"Unshakeable Trust"

"The Rez" is a youth retreat aimed at providing youth the teachings and skills to make a radical commitment to Christ through their Catholic Christian Faith. We have been facilitating this retreat since the late 1990s.   This year's Theme is "Unshakeablefocusing on cultivating a disposition of total trust in God and His promises


Combined with Reconciliation and the Mass, the Rez provides an experience which awakens the young Christian's sense of the call to follow Christ in all aspects of their lives. 

Talks include:

·         Take a Dive – Developing an eternal perspective

·         Untethering – Recognizing our harmful attachments

·         The Claim – Is our trust well founded?

·         Heaven’s Calling (Gender separated) – Trusting in the vocation God created me for

·         On the Other Side – Interior Freedom and other benefits of Total Trust

·         Who Ya Gonna Trust? – Committing

·         The Sacramental Life – What does a life of total trust look like?

·         Strangers in a Strange Land – Doing you part in God’s plan

$188/Teen  ~  $17/Young Apostles/College Student   ~  $24/Adult Chaperone

Note:  Young Apostles and Adult Chaperones must be approved team members

November 3 - 5, 2023

"The talks were amazing... I especially loved Reconciliation, Adoration, and the Mass. Being able to experience these with youth in my age group who also felt the same about everything with me was great."

"I felt extremely welcome and each person I talked to was extremely open and willing to help me out."

From this weekend, I’ve had the privilege of feeling the Holy Spirit and being reminded of how good God is and how I’m missing out on all he has to offer. It was so meaningful to have this retreat as a recharge for my faith.