About Deaf Entrepreneurial Program

The DCCNM Deaf Entrepreneurial Program is focused on creating a First-Time project to run our new on-site Deaf Coffee Shop.

Your donations will help us launch a new entrepreneurial program that will support operational capacity (paying for staff, equip, and outreach to find Deaf, Deaf/Blind, Hard-of-Hearing participants) to join our Deaf Entrepreneurial Program for one year. 

This Entrepreneurial opportunity would allow for this marginalized population to learn career skills, gain a living wage, and thrive in the community as a self-employed individual. This will be the first of its kind in New Mexico to provide direct communication and guidance through Deaf of Deaf leadership.

The Staff person hired will be from the NM Deaf Community. Utilization of community incubator programs and community college and the free resource of the Small Business Association will be incorporated to further empower and educate this population towards economic independence.

This population is comprised of a mixture of ethnicity, race and sexual orientation with the majority being from a below poverty income level. According to the WHO and the National Deaf Center employment rates for deaf people have not increased from 2008 to 2017 in the US. Only 44.8% of deaf African Americans and 43.6% of deaf Native Americans are in the labor force. Research has shown that employment rates increase with educational attainment with our Entrepreneurial Coffee Shop program we will be filling this gap for our community.

Our goal is to reach $25,000.00 to provide for the following: 

1- Hiring of one part-time staff member "Entrepreneurial Coordinator" for one year at $20,000 

2- To purchase gently used coffee shop equipment. We have a generous community member who is offering us a Coffee/Cappuccino machine, Commercial microwave, and a commercial refrigerator in the amount of $5,000.