About Pretty & Protected, Self-Defense Training


To educate and equip women worldwide with the knowledge and skills to prioritize their personal safety and protect themselves and their families.

Stay vigilant against:


Being Followed/Stalked 



Pretty & Protected is a comprehensive self-defense training program specifically designed for women, with the mission to educate and equip women worldwide on the importance of personal safety and empower them to protect themselves and their families.

Our program recognizes that women face unique challenges and safety concerns daily. Pretty & Protected aims to address these concerns by providing women with practical self-defense methods and strategies that are easy to learn and apply, led by experienced instructors. The program's ultimate goal is to instill confidence, promote personal safety, and create a sense of empowerment among women.

The Pretty & Protected program also emphasizes the importance of mental and emotional preparedness. We believe self-defense goes beyond physical strength, so we strive to empower women on multiple levels where they will develop the mindset and confidence required to respond assertively and decisively in high-stress situations. Our participants will gain valuable knowledge about understanding potential threats, identifying vulnerable areas, and making informed decisions to enhance their safety.

Pretty & Protected is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for women to learn and grow. Our program encourages open dialogue and cultivates community, allowing participants to build relationships while increasing their self-defense skills. Participants will be able to connect with a supportive community of like-minded women who share a common goal of personal empowerment and safety.

By participating in the Pretty & Protected program, women will gain the skills and knowledge to take control of their safety and protect themselves and their families. This program seeks to build a global community of strong, confident, and empowered women who are prepared to face any challenges that may come their way, ensuring that women everywhere can live their lives with confidence and peace of mind.