About Trail Appeal

Dear Friends,

GWLT is the mighty little engine that continues getting some pretty amazing stuff done! That is thanks to our volunteers, our partners, and YOU!

Trail Season is in full swing. The Trailheads are busy and we are running through work materials fast and furiously as we try to keep up with the volunteer projects. We need your help to make sure that the supplies are there when the crews need them.

Paints (red, yellow, and blue) for trail blazes; lumber for bog bridges, erosion controls, and signs; flagging for new trails and for marking hazard trees and erosion concerns; gallons and gallons of wood preservative for the sheds, platforms, signs, and picnic tables; replacement bow saw blades and loppers; stones and bike racks for trailhead parking areas; screws, nails, bolts, staples, and ropes; and this list goes on and on!

Truthfully, of the 2,900 acres GWLT has been able to conserve, and the adjacent Park Commission and Conservation Commission lands we chip-in help on, we really shouldn’t be able to pull all of this off, and, yet, somehow we do! The magic to all of this is being able to quickly and easily get the tools and the materials needed into the hands of enthusiastic folks.

Please, be a key part of that magic! Be a critical part of the GWLT Team in this year’s work in the forest! Your assistance, at whatever level you can muster is deeply appreciated!

Sincerely yours in the Forest,