About Staff Summit 2023 Learning Track Registration

Welcome to the 2023 Staff Summit Learning Track Registration!

If you are a new hire and/or have NOT received the Racial Equity 1-Day training, you must register for Track 1. Staff who fall into this category were notified via email and instructed to sign up for this track.

If you are NOT a new hire and/or HAVE already received the Racial Equity 1-Day training OR are a Board member, please choose between Tracks 2, 3, or 4, as outlined in the email you received. Each of these tracks offers a different combination of 2 of the 3 workshops being offered at the summit.

Please reference the schedule and workshop descriptions below to help select your track.

Racial Equity 1-Day Workshop:

Facilitated by Dr. Durryle Brooks of Love & Justice Consulting, this workshop is intended to establish shared language around privilege, power, and identity, explore the impact of dominant culture values, learn about individual, institutional, and system racism, and build our capacity for discomfort and self-awareness in conversations about race.

Gender Equity Workshop:

Facilitated by Gender Equity & Reconciliation International, this workshop will create a safe space where participants are invited to reflect on elements of their own lived experience of gender and sexuality. Together, people of all genders and sexual orientations can enter into a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own experience while also developing greater compassion, empathy, and understanding across genders.

Racial Justice:

Facilitated by Race Forward, this workshop will build upon the foundations established from the Racial Equity 1-Day training you previously received and provide an expanded understanding of practicing antiracism and antioppression as allies and advocates.

Transformative Approaches to Conflict Workshop:

Facilitated by Regan Byrd Consulting, this workshop will train attendees on conflict resolution skills and explore the concepts of punitive justice, restorative justice, transformative justice, and accountability through an anti-oppressive and transformative lens. Attendees will also learn about non-violent communication techniques, courageous conversations, and applying these concepts to real-world conflict.