About Annual Fund Drive 2023-24

Welcome to the Friends of King (FOK) Annual Fund Drive, Thomas Starr King's most important fundraiser. FOK's mission is to raise funds to support increased educational opportunities and resources for all King students. 


Instead of doing multiple fundraisers throughout the year, Friends of King asks for ONE DONATION to cover the ENTIRE year. This one-time donation covers the programs your child participates in, and also supports funding and scholarships for King enrichment programs that all of our children enjoy. These include:

  • Field Trip Buses
  • Literacy Programs
  • Edible Garden
  • Classroom Projects
  • Teacher Wishlists
  • Teacher Appreciation Gifts (holiday and appreciation week events)
  • Field Trip Scholarships
  • Campus Beautification
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Campus Sustainability
  • Afterschool Programs (LACER+)
  • Tutoring


The goal for the Annual Fund Drive is $100,000. That may sound ambitious, but it's necessary. Your contribution covers the full cost of your child's enrichment, scholarships, and more. King is a large school, we have over 100 teachers and 1,700 students. We have some exciting events and field trips planned but the events must be accessible to ALL kids, which is why we need your support!

DID YOU KNOW? Your one-time contribution covers all of your child's enrichment programs for the full year? (Overnight field trips are paid for separately through individual magnet fund raising.) It also provides essential scholarships which enable all students to participate.                 


$100,000 divided by 2,000 students = $50/student. If every family was able to give $50 we'd be set, but the reality is, for 72% of our kids,  $50 is more than their family can afford. To support full equity at King- the rule is, all the kids go, or no one goes. Truly, we are all in this together! We are asking all who can afford to, to donate a minimum of $211. If you have the means to give more, we encourage you to give as much as you possibly can. Every extra $50 gets one more kid on board and will help ensure a stellar year for ALL King students. 

FUN FACT: Monthly donation of $5/month= $50! (set it up below)

DID YOU KNOW? 1249 students out of 1722 total students (72%) qualify for free or reduced lunch (Title 1). That leaves 473 families with the financial means to donate.   $100,000/473 = $211. How many kids can you cover?

EQUITY IS OUR MISSION: Our goal is to create equity between the classes and magnets. All people are created equal and all students deserve the same access to quality education. Your generous donation today not only helps fund all the programs that happen throughout the year, but also helps fund the scholarships that allow all children to participate equally. Please be as generous as you can be. 

Thank you!

LeTania Kirkland and Mikhaela Cielo, FOKing Co-Presidents &

The Annual Fund Drive Committee