About South Philly Punks With Lunch

Established February 2020, South Philly Punks with Lunch is a DIY non-religious not-for-profit street outreach group sharing food, harm reduction supplies and education, clothing, toiletries, and other essentials in South Philadelphia to anyone in need, with special attention to serving unhoused people and people who use drugs. We operate regular distributions three times a week throughout South Philly and organize additional distros when we have an abundance of resources or to meet urgent needs. We are always growing and adapting to better meet the needs of our community. South Philly Punks With Lunch is a Project of FNC’s Emerging Partners Fiscal Sponsorship Initiative.

Currently, we offer lunch three days out of every week, totaling close to 1k meals per month.

Sunday + Wednesday

Broad and Snyder



7th and Moyamensing