About Wish List Wednesday

What is "Wish List Wednesday"? Wish Wednesday is a day when you can make a difference with a donation to a specific event or project. For this Wish List Wednesday, we are asking you to help us purchase 600 battery-operated candles to create the beautiful atmosphere we seek for the two "Candlelight Concerts" in our Museum Series - at the Castle Museum on November 9, and the Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum on February 8.

What are "Candlelight Concerts"? Launched in 2020, Candlelight Concerts are a new and creative concert experience for patrons. They have delighted audiences in more the 80 cities worldwide, and for the first time, Saginaw Choral Society brings this unique experience to the Great Lakes Bay Region. At each venue, members of the Choral Society will perform for your enjoyment, lit on by the soft glow of battery-operated candles - hundreds of them!

How can You Contribute? Contributing to Wish List Wednesday is effortless. Kindly visit our dedicated donation page via the link below, where you can play a pivotal role with your secure donation. Each $25 donation will purchase 8 candles. Each donation adds a note of significance to our concerts, creating memories that resonate long after the final chord.