About Fall 2023 Evangelism Project

We see a window of opportunity for us with the nationals and other individuals from abroad. It’s important to move with the spirit and God’s timing. We know this trip will be a time of strengthening the ties between each other through various activities and family time.

In addition to the Evangelism Crusades, we’re seeing God expand our team/network in Bulgaria and into other parts of the Balkans. After talking to several Pastors close to us, we see a need not only for the crusade festivals but also to go and build relationships with the churches God has partnered us with, and to make new relationships through these ministers and individuals. This may include training, ministering in churches, working with our contacts in Bulgaria to create a plan not only in the cities but also in the towns and small villages. We know by much prayer that the time is short and the time is now.

The harvest in the Balkans is ripe and ready to be reaped, and the workers are ready too! On this trip we’re so excited to install the beginnings of the Balkan Harvest Plan. This will be a comprehensive breakdown of the whole Balkan with strategic areas being highlighted and a plan put in place. We’re beyond excited and full of expectancy over this trip and the ones to follow! God is right in the middle of all of this and we’re full of faith over these steps.