I'm Mirabelle

Mirabelle came to us in February 2022. She has a twin sister Oreo. Their mom was killed by a predator and the owners didn’t know how to bottle-feed. When we took them in, it was a struggle at first because they were in shock and didn’t take well to a bottle. As Oreo continued to grow and develop typically, we noticed Mirabelle never grew past the five or six-month mark. When we had the vet examine her at a year old, she thought Mirabelle's organs were not developed enough for her to grow any larger. 

We’ve always kept a very close eye on her health. Earlier this year in 2023, we had a scare when we couldn’t wake her up. After bloodwork, the vet found the counts for her liver to be alarming. Additionally, her glucose level was very high. We are monitoring her and trying to determine if she will need to go on insulin. After her blood work, urine sample, and ultrasound Mirabelle was diagnosed with diabetes, which is uncommon for goats. Sadly, after treatment, she continues to struggle with her health. Most recently she was put on an IV and antibiotics, but this doesn’t stop Mirabelle from living her best life. Mirabelle is the sweetest little goat with a big heart. We are continuing our fundraising efforts as her medical costs continue to grow.