About Hester Joelson's Gratitude Campaign


Dear Family and Friends,

December 1st, 2023 marks 25 years of health and wellness for me. I always try to think of these milestones as moments to recognize the gratitude I have and how not everyone’s struggle has an ending like mine. I watched many children, and parents of those children, lose their battle with Cancer. My story has not been without its ups and downs. It has taken perseverance to overcome many of the physical and emotional challenges over the years. I have been blessed to have support from friends and family.

Once again, to honor my health and wellness (and fuel my craziness), I am running in the California International Marathon on December 3rd, 2023. I am running 26.2 miles because I have a strong and healthy body. I run with a cadaver bone and lots of metal in one of my legs and feel less pain than some of the other marathon runners. I am very lucky.

There are many people who struggle physically with disabilities, either physical or cognitive, who wish they could do what I do but cannot. This does not mean that they cannot accomplish their goals and challenge themselves. I am dedicating this run to those individuals.

I am also attempting to raise $25,000 for the Israel ParaSport Center. The Center provides rehabilitation, training and support for children and adults with physical disabilities - even to become Paralympic athletes, if that is their goal. The Center’s staff encourages and empowers those who are recovering from an injury due to a terrorist attack, fluke accident, diseases like cancer and Parkinson's genetic abnormality, etc. to achieve their goals and to live their lives without limits. The Center provides inspiration, hope and community. This is amazing to me.

I am lucky to have kept my leg and be able to use it to run marathons. Let’s all come together to support the Israel ParaSport Center and recognize that not everyone’s story and struggle ends with a 26.2 mile medal of accomplishment. But everyone deserves to have a successful, meaningful life.

Please make a donation of any amount in honor of all those who lost their fight against cancer and those that survive and thrive no matter the challenge and disability.

With gratitude, Hester