About Clean Water for Africa

With our partner, Rosshirt Water For Africa Foundation, we have plans for 3 water projects in Mwenezi, Zimbabwe; One new well and the repair and service of 2 existing wells for a total goal of $23,220.

New well installation 

The well at Tatenda Secondary School in Mwenezi will serve 880 school kids and a community of just above 2,000 people. The school and its community have no clean and safe water source. As of now, they walk 5 miles each way for water. The estimate for full commercial solar-powered well installation at a depth of 110 meters is $18,500.

Well restoration

Rosshirt Water For Africa Foundation will repair two previously installed wells for $5,220. During a cholera epidemic, these repairs will restore access to clean water for 12,000 people in Mwenezi, Zimbabwe.  In addition, these wells are the water source to a pond for thousands of cattle, providing income and food security for this population. 

"The best way to predict the future is to design it." - Buckminster Fuller

We believe in building sustainable water projects, including boreholes, with funding for ongoing maintenance and equipment repairs for the site.   

Water wins it for the world! - Solar-powered well at Chikupo Primary School, Zimbabwe

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Clean water improves the health and education of the community.

The investment in clean water today has improved the health and vitality of communities for years to come. From our experience in Zimbabwe in 2020, we found that providing water leads to better nutrition and education because once the water is flowing, the communities can grow gardens; and young girls have time to attend school because they do not need to spend long hours searching for water and hauling it back to their homes. 

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