About Exam Tutoring

Be the extra support to increase the pass rates! 

Did you know: About 50% of children attend school in Haiti. Of them, 80% do not pass 9th grade. Of the few who do pass, approximately 6-8% make it to the 13th grade exam.

9th is the exam year that determines if you move on to High School.

13th is the exam year to complete High School in Haiti.

We need Four tutors to assist 30-40 students.

Haiti One by One is offering tutoring now, but we invite you to help offset the extra costs. We are already helping students with studies as the exams are set to happen in July.  $1000 is the cost to coordinate this option. 

Many students become overwhelmed by the pressure. Haiti One by One wants to remind them, especially now, that the Lord is their helper. He knows every need and as we pray first, the Lord will make a way for support. Please consider giving and Praying for this critical transition periods.

Help us increase the pass rate for Haiti One by One students and others near them.