About The Louisa County HomeTown Heroes

Dear friends and supporters,

We are thrilled to announce a new fundraising campaign to create banners honoring the 41 KIA veterans from Louisa County. Each of these brave men and women made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country, and we believe it's important to honor and remember their sacrifice.

Our goal is to create individual banners for each of the 41 fallen service members. These banners will feature their name, when they served, their branch of service, and their service medals. It's important to us that each banner reflects the unique and individual sacrifice of each veteran.

To make this campaign a success, we need your help. We are asking for donations to help cover the costs of creating and installing these banners throughout Louisa County. Your donation will help ensure that the sacrifice of these 41 service members is never forgotten, and their service is honored for generations to come.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart is supporting this campaign, and we are honored to work with them to make this a reality. Each of the fallen service members we are honoring has received a Purple Heart, and we believe it's important to highlight this recognition of their bravery and sacrifice.

We invite you to join us in this effort to honor and remember the 41 KIA veterans from Louisa County. Your support will make a significant impact on the success of this campaign and help ensure that their sacrifice is never forgotten.

Thank you for your consideration and support.


Travis Daniel