About 2024 Summer Intensives

Since 2010 Visionbox Studio has been offering Summer Training Intensives to high school and college age students in Colorado. This training is rooted in graduate-level curriculum and taught by theatre professionals. In addition to preparing students for theatre work inside and outside the classroom, these intensives will also help students interested in applying to undergraduate theatre programs, conservatories, and graduate schools.

Each two-week intensive is broken up into morning skills classes focused on movement, voice and speech, singing, and improv. All afternoon classes focus on acting, and are taught by Visionbox’s Founding Artistic Director, Jennifer McCray Rincon. These classes emulate graduate school scene study curriculum. Tuition for each two-week intensive is $1500 per student. There will be some scholarships available, email [email protected] to learn more! 

Acting Intensive 1 | June 17th-June 28th

Realism: Chekhov and Tennessee Williams

MONDAY-FRIDAY:  9am-12pm skills classes, 1pm-4pm acting classes

This scene study intensive focuses on contemporary and classical realism using the Five Questions acting technique, first taught by Earle Gister at the Yale School of Drama. This class will help young actors with text analysis and move them towards understanding and practicing the playing of objectives and actions. Textbook for the intensive: On Directing by Harold Clurman.

Acting Intensive 2 | July 8th - July 19th


MONDAY-FRIDAY:  9am-12pm skills classes, 1pm-4pm acting classes

This class will focus on scansion, imaging, character, acting poetry, and articulated thought in the Shakespeare canon. Each actor will work on at least one soliloquy and one scene to be performed in a showcase for family and friends at the end of the intensive. Textbook for the intensive: Playing Shakespeare by John Barton.

Production Intensive 3 | July 22nd - August 2nd

Contemporary Performance & Intermedia Design

MONDAY-FRIDAY:  9am-12pm skills classes, 1pm-4pm acting classes

This is one of our newest intensives and comes out of the ongoing new production work at Visionbox Studio. Jennifer McCray Rincon and Bill Pullman created a style of production over their many years of collaboration that they came to call “low friction.” This style includes extreme minimalism in staging using only tables and chairs onstage, while creating the world of the play through projection design. Phillip Baldwin, Professor of Design at Stony Brook University and classmate of Ms. Rincon at the Yale School of Drama is our resident designer. He is a leader in intermedia design that includes projection mapping, projection design for the stage, and VR/AR components. All students will have the opportunity to work on short performance pieces that they will create together as actors, writers, and designers. Mr. Baldwin, Ms. Rincon, and other Visionbox staff members will help direct and produce a series of short pieces to be performed for family and friends at the end of the intensive.