About Art in the Park Call For Entries

Art in the Park

Parker Artists Guild is pleased to announce the upcoming 2023 fine art/fine craft show August 26 and 27th at O'Brien Park.

Set up is Friday, August 25, from 11:30 AM to 7 PM.

General Exhibit Rules

* All work must be hand created by the exhibitor- manufactured and imported work may not be exhibited.

* Artist must be present throughout the entire show.

Fine Art Category

* Original work must be at least 50% of all items for sale.

* Limited addition reproductions signed and numbered may be up to 50% of all items for sale.

*** Limited addition sales should be limited to less than 300.

* open edition work should not exceed 30% of all the items on sale. Within this category, 10% may be reproductions on mugs, notecards, etc.

Photography Category

* limited edition reproductions, signed and numbered, should not exceed 50% of all the items on sale. *** Limited edition sales should be limited to less than 300.

* Open edition work should not exceed 50% of all the items on sale.

Fine Craft Category

* Original work that consists of substantial enhancement of an item or product is allowed (i.e., painting or substantial embellishment on clothing or glassware).

* Original handcrafted work with features that distinguish one item from another must be 50% of work exhibited.

* No mass-produced work, kits, machine-made, or purchased components allowed.

* Natural minerals and gemstones must be used in 75% of work if applicable.

* stringed beads may not exceed 25% of work exhibited.

Art in the Park Call for Entries

Registration and application submission

Please send 4 images of your work, plus one booth image showing your work on display, to [email protected]. Include a short paragraph describing your media, materials, and methods.

The show is juried, with a $35 jury fee. Jury fee is waived for artists who participated in Art in the Park 2022. Upon receipt of your e-mailed invitation to the show, please visit the provided link to the registration site, where you will rent your selected space. Artists who have not submitted their booth fees by 25 August will not be permitted to participate in the show.

Refunds: Artists may cancel their participation for up to 2 weeks before the event for a full booth fee refund. Artists who cancel within 2 weeks of the event are not eligible for a refund.

Tents: All tents must be weighted with 40 lbs. on each leg. Please, no stakes or poles driven into the ground.

Booth spaces and prices

10 x 10 member's booth $185

10 x 10 member's corner space $220

10 x 10 non-member space $ 275

10 x 10 non-member corner space $295

Member shared tent 10 x 10 single wall - $75 includes 1 wall of a shared tent.

Artist guild members that wish to share a tent, please see additional information here: Share-a-Tent.

Please note **Credit card service is not provided by PAG. Please explore Square and alternative credit card processing that best suit your business prior to the show.

11:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Booth set up Friday, August 25th

Load In: Please check in to receive your packet and booth number. There will be 30 minutes to unload your vehicle at the curb by the park. Please remove merchandise from your vehicle, move your vehicle to the parking lot, and then transfer your merchandise to your booth location. Following this 30-minute guideline is greatly appreciated and allows all artists close access for unloading.

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday, August 26th

Display and sell your work to the community of art enthusiasts! Food trucks and music throughout the day.

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Sunday, August 27th

Display and sell your work to the community of art enthusiasts! A well-attended farmers market begins at 8. Opening at 8:30 is encouraged. Food trucks and music throughout the day.

Load out Sunday, August 27th 4-6:30

Please display your work until 4 pm. Check-out includes taxes paid by 4:30 and load out by 6:30 pm.

Silent Auction

There will be a silent auction held at Art in the Park. Artists who wish to participate simply donate a piece of work of their choosing and set a reserve price. If no bids exceed the reserve price, the work is returned to the artist.

To participate, please drop your piece or pieces to the Silent Auction Tent. Additionally, someone will stop by to collect your piece if you cannot go to the Silent Auction Tent.

In the event that the reserve price is met, all proceeds from the sale go to Parker Artists Guild and CASC, our partner in the auction.

Please Note: This event is strictly voluntary on the part of the artist.