About Secure The Village

An opportunity has arisen for the first time in our 24 year history in Zimbabwe. We have been offered the opportunity to purchase the land the children's village is situated on. We have been leasing this land from local government since our inception, but local government has inquired about Eden Ministries purchasing the land, rather than leasing it. This development is an extraordinary opportunity for us to protect the long term efforts of the ministry. 

In order to purchase the land, the all in costs are $250,000 including land purchase, legal fees and administrative expenses in securing the land. The township council is looking to close the purchase in September and we need to raise the funds before then. We are proud that throughout our history we have remained debt free and intend to remain that way through this fundraising campaign. 

An issue that many would be concerned with is the stability of land purchased in Zimbabwe, with the challenging history of Land Reform. During this period of enhanced instability in Zimbabwe's history, farm land was redistributed from previous owners to disenfranchised indigenous members in a system that had many inequalities. (Read more here) Eden Ministries farm land was not affect by these polices as we leased the farmland from the government, which we still do, and it was further not at risk for redistribution due to its location inside a designated township boundary. The Eden Children's Village is located on property within the Doma township boundaries. An important note from the Land Reform era, suburban/urban property within townships was not affected in property distributions. 

If not already sponsoring one of the orphans in the Village, please consider joining our sponsor team. Sign up through the "Sponsor A Life" campaign and Susan Fry, our Child Sponsorship Coordinator, will directly reach out to you. 

Thank you for your continued commitment to protecting orphans, the most vulnerable individuals in the Lord's Kingdom. If you have specific questions about the campaign and efforts on the ground in Zimbabwe, Ian Fry can be reached at [email protected] and the campaign manager can be reached at [email protected]