About Digital Bridges 4 Nepal's Youth Advocates

Welcome to Digital Bridges 4 Nepal's Youth Advocates Network!

We're a vibrant network of young game-changers joining forces to empower youth in rural and remote areas of Nepal. 

We are IT specialists, journalists, artists, activists, engineers, accountants, doctors, nurses, students, and entrepreneurs, who believe in one thing: empowering young people is the key creating a more just future for all!

Some of us have lived the same challenges as students in rural Nepal: poverty, extreme weather, unreliable electricity, lack of resources, and gender-based discrimination. We know the struggle, and we're determined to make a difference! 

Even those of us from more developed regions of Nepal have felt the limitations of rote learning, rigid classrooms, and exam-focused education. We crave critical thinking, creativity, and real-world problem-solving. 

And hey, we're not all Nepalese!

Our diverse community includes global advocates who share a common commitment: enabling rural and remote youth to stay in their communities and build a better future for themselves and their communities. 

Ready to be part of this transformative movement?

Join us in empowering Nepalese youth to unleash their potential, chase their dreams, and create lasting change. Together, we can make magic happen!


Time and Money Commitments: As members, we're all in this together

- We pledge to donate $7 each month to Digital Bridges 4 Nepal, ensuring our support reaches far and wide.

- On top of that, we dedicate 7 hours of our precious time every month to use our talents to help young people in Nepal.


Be a Hero and Help Us Grow!

Bring in new members who share our passion for changing lives. Together, we'll form an unstoppable force of good vibes. 


 Let's Party (with a Purpose)

Host small events that bring people together, creating a positive impact while having a blast. Whether it's a charity concert, a community gathering, or a creative workshop, or just a meet-up to stay connected, let's spread joy and raise awareness at the same time!


 Become and Online Fundraising Rockstar! 

Take the digital stage and lead or promote fundraising campaigns with pizzazz! Get those virtual crowds cheering, donating, and helping us make dreams come true.


Connect the Dots and Make Connections!

Introduce us to people and businesses who can lend a helping hand. We're all about collaboration, so let's bring passionate souls and generous hearts together for the greater good.

Share, Care and Spread the Word Far and Wide

Share the needs and incredible potential of Nepalese youth. Let's inspire people of goodwill around the world to join our cause, ensuring a brighter future for these amazing young minds.

So, are you ready to jump in and make a meaningful impact? 

Let's have fun, create change, and celebrate the power of unity. Use the form below to sign-up and start supporting some amazing young people. Together, we can achieve wonders! 

Pick your donation groove below and let the generosity flow!