About Bringing Art to California Schools

The Inspired Students Mural Initiative is a community-based art project in partnership with K-12 schools across California, focused on project-based learning. This initiative provides students with the opportunity to collaborate with and be mentored by renowned mural artist Carlos García Walterbach, also known as Charlo.

Students will participate in hands-on creative workshops, where they will create their own mini-murals and assist in the creation of a large-scale mural on their school campus. Through this process, Charlo will educate students about his artistic vision and creative process, aiming to foster communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration skills.

The project will be implemented over two days, utilizing a designated wall space at the school. The mission of the Inspired Students Mural Initiative is to educate, inspire, and build meaningful connections among students and communities. By partnering with California schools, the initiative aims to provide students with the unique experience of working with a professional artist to co-create permanent artworks for their school.

In Spring 2024, in partnership with the Castro Valley and Novato Unified School Districts, Charlo created six murals and mentored over 1,200 students, funded by Proposition 28, PTA contributions, private sponsorships, and grants. For the 2024/2025 school year, the initiative plans to reach 30 more schools and over 10,000 students.

Managed by Saffron Communities and fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts, your generous donation to this initiative is tax-deductible. Join us in bringing ART to our students.