About The SAGE Filipinx American Encyclopedia Launch

Although Filipina/x/o Americans are one of the largest Asian American groups and have a long and complicated colonial relationship with the United States, their historical and contemporary collective experiences tend to be erased or omitted from most American textbooks.

-Dr. Kevin Nadal, City University of New York

Our search for ourselves in table of contents and indexes in history books became a habitual reminder of insignificance. In retrospect, we wonder about the impact of this erasure for generations of Filipina/x/o Americans who had to endure being unseen throughout their educational journey...the Sage Encyclopedia of Filipina/x/o American Studies is a direct response to hundreds of years of being left out of history and educational curricula. It is a deliberate counter-hegemonic project that seeks to provide opportunities for Filipina/x/o Americans to see themselves. It is also an opportunity for non-FA readers to see us—even though we have always been present for centuries.

-Dr. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales

Published in 2022, the SAGE Filipina/x/o American Encyclopedia is the largest resource for Filipina/x/o American Studies. This two-volume encyclopedia has over 350 entries focused on the history, experiences, lives, and culture of Filipinas/xes/os in the United States. The encyclopedia is a work of love that has contributions from 300 Filipina/x/o American scholars, community historians, students, community organizers, and leaders .The entries are written for middle school to college reading levels. We focused on creating entries as ENTRY POINTS for students and community members to engage in the topics related to our community.  

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