About Corporate Sponsorship

C-Life invites you to help make a difference in the lives of young people in Cameroon, Africa, by becoming a Corporate Sponsor.

Your generous support will raise up Christ-centered professional leaders in Cameroon, Africa. You will help provide job opportunities, promote integrity, and solve prominent poverty-driven community problems.

We believe that the best way to love Africa is to train and develop its leaders. Then these leaders will be well-equipped to transform their own communities with integrity and excellence. Servant leadership is Africa’s greatest need.

When your company, organization, or community group supports C-Life:

  • You send a strong message that you understand the transformative power that servant leadership provides to Africa and the world because we live in a global village.
  • You demonstrate to your staff, your partners, or members that you are making a difference around the world by training marketplace servant leaders and they get to be a part of this legacy.
  • You are promoting servant leadership, integrity, and professional excellence in Africa and globally.

Thank you for making a transformative difference in Africa, through your sponsorship.