About Visioning the Future--Accessible, Affordable Homes

Thank you for your support! This past year has been one of remarkable successes, all pointing to an exciting future. That’s why we are calling our Fall/Winter Campaign: “Visioning Our Future: Accessible, Affordable Housing for All.”

Our successes include:

  • Our Affordable Housing Bus Tour attracted over 70 participants, including 38 mayors and elected officials. We demonstrated not only that affordable housing benefits communities, we also helped decision makers see how to make it happen.
  • SB 4 passed, which will make 170,000 acres of religious land available for affordable housing statewide. This will be a gamechanger for our Congregational Land Committee.
  • The Congregational Land Committee’s work continue to expand, with teams forming in Texas, Oregon, Washington and Colorado, thanks to our Apprenticeship Program.
  • Our N. Fair Oaks Empowerment Initiative is doing significant racial justice work and community organizing as we develop a Vision Plan that will help shape this under-resourced area of our city for the next 20 years. Our annual event will take place in what was once the heart of a thriving African American community.
  • Our Safe Parking program has found housing for 5 parkers, and we also helped pass an ordinance that will make safe parking a permitted use for churches in non-residential zones.

"Without a vision the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). Our vision stems from the prophet Micah: “Everyone ‘neath their vine and fig tree will leave in peace and unafraid” (Micah 4:4) . Micah makes it clear that God’s intention is for everyone to have accessible, affordable and secure housing. That’s the mission and the vision of MHCH. Please help us make this vision a reality with your support!