About FTC Team 7393 2023 Donations

WHO WE ARE Electron Volts are a community team of 9 students who work together to create, program and compete. Acting as ambassadors, we enjoy hosting outreach programs promoting STEAM interest in our community. This year, we on 1st Inspire at the FIRST Chesapeake Regional Championship and are headed to Houston for the World Championship.

Click here for a gallery showcasing some of our exciting outreach this year.


There are many ways you can help. We operate on a limited budget -- even small donations make a big difference! We also can use metal scraps or manufacturing services, and we always appreciate meeting and learning from experts! We show our appreciation for your support by adding your logo to our team t-shirts, flags, fliers, and robot honoring your support.


Bronze - $100 logo on t-shirt and fliers Silver Sponsor -$500+ all of the above and flags Gold Sponsor - $1000+ All of the above and approx 3"x3" logo and name on robot

Here is our robot for this year (as of a month ago), and below is a prototype we built this year for a "robot in 4 weeks" challenge.

This is our prototype robot this year, built in 4 weeks for an early season scrimmage.

These are some CAD design elements from our robot this year.

We have a 6-wheeel drive robot. This CAD shows one side with the belt-based drive system.

Underneath our rotating turret is a dual differential drive that lets us use two motors for powering title and extension. It can power both lift and extension at the same time, but if you are only doing one of the two, then there are two motors of power available.

The turret and arm gives us flexibility in scoring pixels on the backdrop.

This is a rendering of the whole robot.