About We Provide PPE and Supplies for Crisis & Disasters

We accept financial donations and donations of healthcare protection, medical supplies or medical equipment and Inner-PPE resilience to be delivered in response to urgent needs or disaster relief to protect and support health care workers and their patients.


Our mission is to inspire people like you to help source, manufacture and distribute the resources that our frontline #HealthCareHeroes, first responders, and essential workers need to save lives and protect themselves.

We will only source and distribute PPE and medical supplies and equipment vetted by recipient facilities.

We also seek to support these front-line responders with tools for stress reduction and moral support, or what we call “Inner PPE” to go with the “Outer PPE.” Your words of gratitude as well as your donations go a long way to help these heroes meet the challenges they face every day.

The world situation is calling all of us to lend a hand. Together we can make all the difference!

In the supply chain of Inner and Outer PPE, you might just be the missing link!