About Optimal ACCESS Community Offerings - Winter 2023

Are you ready to work on skills while having fun with friends new and old?  Are you looking for a social community that embraces you as you are and encourages you, your CRP, and your chosen mode of communication?
After three popular semesters of social groups, Optimal ACCESS (formerly Optimal Rhythms) is continuing with more social offerings!

Winter Clubs begin the week of November 14th. Register ASAP!

No partial payments or refunds for missed sessions. If you have to miss a session, you may request the recording, if it's available.)

Registration is easy! Simply press the "register" button, select a course, or courses, you want to participate in, submit your contact information and take care of payment (if applicable).
You are welcome to register for any number of courses, but each course needs to be registered individually.

If you have any questions, contact Eric Lund at [email protected]

Minds and Motor Club-$180

Join our popular MINDS & MOTOR Club hosted by Eric Lund!

This round is Rhythm-Based! We are working on movement to rhythm, learning, memorizing and playing 

Bring your best attitude because we are going to be exploring all the things you CAN-Do by connecting your intention to your body!

We will also explore the following:

  1. What is Apraxia and how does it affect motor planning?
  2. What does effective Body Support consist of and Why is it important?
  3. What are effective strategies for Multi-Modal Communication Support for students?
  4. Why do students respond to Relationship-based Approaches to Support? How can CRPs learn to  trust their intuition more than their eyes?
  5. What do students need to enjoy regulated Community ACCESS and How can CRPs support this?
  6. How can apraxic students best ACCESS and Respond to Academic Instruction?

All of that learning and you'll still have time to chat and get to know folks who also spell/type to communicate!

Each group is 60 minutes, starting at 3:00 PM Central Standard Time on Tuesdays for 6 weeks.

November 14th

November 21st

November 28th

December 5th

December 12th

December 19th

Eric Lund, MT-BC, is a highly experienced support coach at ACCESS Academy and the Director of Student Engagement for Optimal ACCESS.  His training and experience as a neurologic music therapist enable him to bring helpful strategies grounded in rhythm for proprioception, sensory integration, communication, movement, and regulation. He is a skilled instructor and effective mentor. Join this group to learn why Eric's Minds & Motor groups are so popular!

Fabulous Film Club (Holiday Edition!)-$120
This popular club is for individuals who want to expand their cinematic viewing options and hold discussions related to films they choose to watch as a group.  Participants watch the selected film on their own and then attend club meetings to discuss the film together. The conversations are real and deep so bring your introspective and analytic mind as we plumb psychology and meaning, while also learning about writing techniques and story design.

This club is back by popular demand! Bring your own thoughts and experiences to this group of open-minded and engaging people as we watch and explore films!

Our first Winter Holiday Edition 2023 film group meeting will discuss The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Week 1- Nightmare Before Christmas
Week 2- The Man Who Invented Christmas
Week 3- Klaus
Week 4- Meet Me in St. Louis

Each group is 1-hour long, meeting at 3pm Central Standard Time on 4 consecutive Thursdays, starting November 30th