Gavin and the team read about and researched Zheng He and his exploits for over 20 years. A huge amount of the archive materials studied have been scanned and processed digitally.

The 1421 Foundation has in its digital archives over 100,000 data points. Data such as the discovery of ancient navigation stones in California that match others found around the Pacific Rim. Data such as ancient artifacts found in Australia. Data pertaining to ancient shipwrecks in Newfoundland. We are seeking funding for a “proof of concept” where 1,000 data points are compiled and analyzed by a lean team of historians, data scientists, and artificial intelligence. The results will be made available to all.
The physical “Menzies Archive” was donated to the Yunnan University in Kunming, where it is held at the University Library. The 1421 Foundation has established a close working relationship with Yunnan University, Yunnan University Library, and Yunnan Zheng He’s Studies Association, demonstrating a sustained commitment to studying and sharing of our understanding and insights of Zheng He and his voyages.

Together, Yunnan University and the 1421 Foundation commit to continued research, education, and outreach efforts, beginning in three specific areas:

(1) Yunnan University Library will establish a sole data center and catalogue the archives donated by Gavin Menzies. This data center will be open to all teachers, students, and the general public.

(2) Yunnan University will, in conjunction with the “Belt and Road Initiative” in China, promote and strengthen the study of Zheng He’s voyages in MA and PhD programs.

(3) Yunnan University and Yunnan Zheng He’s Studies Association will strengthen the academic and educational cooperation with the 1421 Foundation at the student and scholar exchange level.

It is hoped that, in the coming years and through our cooperation and joint efforts, the extent and significance of Zheng He and his voyages will become universally understood and accepted.