About The 2023 Winter Appeal- 25th Anniversary

This Year‘s Highlights

  • Trained new eye cancer specialists (fellows) to practice in Nigeria, Iraq, Ecuador, Colombia, and Ghana!
  • Sponsored The 2023 International Society of Ocular Oncology (ISOO) meeting in Mombasa Kenya.
  • Awarded 9 travel grants to eye cancer specialists from medium and low resource countries to attend this ISOO.
  • Six of these ECF fellows presented ECF sponsored research at the conference.
  • Earned the Candid Platinum Seal of Transparency for the 5th year in a row!
  • Supported the establishment of the International Retinoblastoma Comprehensive Course (IRBCC) with ECF Doctor, Dr. Yacoub Yousef to aid in the learning of diagnosis and treatment for retinoblastoma.
  • Director, Dr. Paul Finger, was named Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor in ophthalmic oncology the year of 2023.

Destination Cancer Cure

We are working hard, engine humming along, passing milestone after milestone. We are making a request for your support, to fuel ECF research and education, in order to save lives and sight. But once again, we need to turn to you. We need to ask you to fuel the ECF engine.

The Eye Cancer Foundation is all about the effort. Now we need your effort not only keep up our momentum, but to lift the ECF to the next level. Whether it monetary, professional, voluntary, or spiritual your contributions are what make the foundation work. Ours is a foundation we can all be proud to represent and support.

Next Steps

This time of year, you will likely receive a lot of “asks” so why send your hard-earned money to The Eye Cancer Foundation? It is because we are the most cost-efficient 501©3 charity. Thank you for the opportunity to make our case:

  • Increase the number of eye cancer specialist training centers.
  • Increase the number of candidate specialists in countries with no or few trained doctors.
  • Support and improve eye cancer staging systems as a joint venture with the American Joint Committee on Cancer and the International Union Against Cancer.
  • Finish recruitment for the SORTT study to help personalize eye radiation care.
  • Support the incorporation of artificial intelligence in ophthalmic oncology.
  • Publish Dr. Finger’s Essential Eye Cancer Textbook.

Today, please consider making a new donation. The amount is less important than the act of supporting The Eye Cancer Foundation. If you, your friends, and relatives would make a new contribution now, our current efforts can continue, and new projects can begin. After 25 years of non-stop work, we would like you all to please support The Eye Cancer Foundation in its mission of saving sight and saving life.

Warm Regards,

Paul T. Finger, MD, FACS