Meadow was an unexpected surprise! It all started with the adoption of Nelson and Mandy. Shortly after adoption, we had been told Nelson had not been castrated. After his examination, the vet confirmed that he was, and we thought nothing more of it. Then we noticed Mandy was putting on weight, and we started to adjust her diet. One evening when we called for Mandy, she was nowhere to be found. After searching for her, we finally found her in the meadow behind the barn next to a newborn baby donkey! One day while sitting with both Mandy and her baby, we decided the best name for her would be Bill’s Meadow Surprise. This name honors the previous owner of this amazing property as we always feel his love of animals and spirit here. It has been an amazing experience watching Meadow grow and getting to know her wonderful personality. She loves attention from everyone as well as, hanging out with Mom and the others here at ABAR.