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On November 25th, 2023, David and Gertrude Mposhi were returning to Karoi after representing Eden at a high school reunion. At around 7 pm, a small deer (a duiker) suddenly darted in front of them. Despite David's attempts to avoid the animal, the vehicle lost control and rolled over twice, coming to rest on its passenger side. The accident was severe, resulting in the total loss of the vehicle and causing Gertrude to sustain deep lacerations on her left arm. We are grateful to God, as the Mposhis miraculously escaped with only minor injuries. Thank you, Jesus!

However, the loss of our primary transportation poses a significant challenge for Eden Children’s Village Karoi. Without a vehicle capable of accessing the remote areas where many endangered and vulnerable children reside, our ability to protect and serve them is severely hampered. The Hurungwe District, where Eden Karoi is situated, features vast, mountainous terrain with underdeveloped roads, necessitating a rugged vehicle like the Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Hardtop 13 passenger, which has faithfully served Eden's needs for the past 8 years. Additionally, the vehicle will be of use for us for our outreach programs.

We appeal to our dedicated supporters to help us restore Karoi's mobility, thereby enabling us to continue safeguarding and transforming the lives of hundreds of children. The cost to acquire a new Land Cruiser is $46,000, inclusive of all expenses. Your generosity will provide a vital lifeline to countless children throughout its operational lifespan. Join us in our mission, and together, let's ensure the Karoi team can once again reach those in need.

Thank you for your unwavering support.