About Adaptive Golf Fundraiser

Date: July 13, 2024

Purpose: To continue to inspire, motivate and positively enrich the lives of those with disabilities via a fundraiser.

When I was younger (many years ago 😊) there was a lack of resources to those who had physical or cognitive limitations. As I continued to age, I found resources relating to adaptive or amputee golf in my early 30s. It was completely life-changing for me to be able to find a group of people who had similar limitations, not only to talk and share stories, but to uplift each other in general life. There truly is something to be said about being around “your people," who utterly understand some of the hurdles that come with life being different.

Becoming more involved with adaptive golf, I understand the significance it plays in people's lives, and for that reason, I have promised to fundraise for five years. This year is my third year, which means I have two years after that. I am asking for your help with donations to make these last three years monumental.

In the last two years, the funds raised have been able to positively change the lives of several athletes in the following manner:

  • Supported new golfers in attending their first event.
  • Aided established golfers with their registration fees to allow them to attend.
  • Established the first ever ladies’ chapter of the North American One-Armed Golfer Association and assisted new players with their lodging and registration fees.
  • Granted a college student assistance with attending an event.
  • Growing the field of new adaptive players.

It’s important for me to continue to inspire and be involved with the adaptive space. I found my passion and calling for my hobbies, in addition to my work, school and family.  Help me help those who need assistance and play a vital part in adaptive rehabilitation for body and mind.

Sarah’s involvement in the adaptive sector:

  • USAGA Women’s Committee; Executive Chairperson.
  • USAGA Competitions Committee; Member.
  • Mid-Western Amputee Golf Association (MWAGA); Board of Directors.
  • North American One-Armed Golfer Association (NAOAGA); Board of Directors.

I need your assistance in raising funds for those in our disabled (adaptive) community. All donations are tax deductible with an instant email or text receipt from NAOAGA. Every dollar makes a difference to the individuals and communities of these events. Dollars will be used to continue inspiring others and providing positive, impactful measures for those with adaptive needs.

If you prefer to donate an item, please email Sarah at [email protected].

Event Wish List:

  • Hole Sponsors $100 (Promote yourself, your dog, company or what you choose 😊)
  • Silent Auction Items:
    • Stay-and-play packages.
    • Rounds of golf.
    • Gold clubs or merchandise (bags, range finders etc.)
    • Sports memorabilia.
    • Larger dollar items.
  • Bucket Raffle Items:
    • Balls
    • Clothing
    • Booze
    • Complete baskets
  • Event Food Sponsor: $500
  • Light Breakfast Food Sponsor: $200
  • Level 1 Sponsor: $1000
    • Large banner acknowledgement with several social media tags.
    • Advertising on cart sheets (hole event details).
    • Community outreach acknowledgement.
    • Check-in advertisement.
  • Level 2 Sponsor: $500
    • Medium banner with social media tags.
    • Social media tags

Thank you in advance for your donation and for assisting the mission to positively transform lives.

Sarah Beth Larson

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