About Little Angus would like to see you!

Little Angus would like to see you!

Our Cavaliers are beautiful, and it warms our hearts just to gaze upon them.  Sadly, some of them can't see us very well.  Sweet senior Angus arrived into Rescue with so many issues, among them severe cataracts that are significantly blinding his eyesight.  Angus will undergo cataract surgery and full restoration of vision is expected!  

Ophthalmology care is just one of the many specialty treatments that CRF undertakes for our rescues, and it's expensive.  Angus has suffered for most of his life, but as CRF rehabilitates this beauty back to health and happiness, his medical expenses have are already over $7,000.  He’s not alone, but today he’ll represent all of our Cavies.  So today we ask our Angels for your support and generosity as we continue their wellness journey.  We hope you can help us care for Angus and all our rescues. 
Angus is just one of 30 Cavaliers we've had in rescue this year already ... a pace that is triple what 2023 was.  And more of them, coming from puppy mills and the like, need specialty treatments.  You've been with us all the way, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

CRF is an entirely volunteer-powered non-profit, allowing us to use 91 cents of every dollar you contribute to rehabilitate the dogs!

Together we are going to give Angus his eyesight back.  And take care of every dog that comes to us, no matter their needs.  We wish you could see them all for yourself . . . and that they could see you back!