About Spring Appeal 2024

Young people in communities like ours (with underperforming schools, growing food insecurity, and higher rates of poverty and violence) are unprotected from the harsh realities of the world.


Kids deserve the chance to be kids! And you can make that happen.

The Quinn Center’s Summer Enrichment Program is super affordable (only $20 per kid), tech-free (goodbye, screen time!), and just a little bit old school.

Kids make friends face to face, exercise their imaginations, and play silly games on field day. 

They’re encouraged to recover the sense of awe and wonder that once came naturally to young people.

Your financial support will directly impact the lives of over 100 Maywood kids in grades 1-8, providing them with the opportunity to experience the joys of childhood and equipping them with the tools they need to thrive in the future.

Here’s how your gift can make a difference:

  • $300 covers the cost of a single camper’s participation
  • $150 covers a well-balanced lunch for 25 kids
  • $50 provides supplies for art class

Will you give 100 kids the chance to just be kids this summer?

Donate $50 or more by May 18 and receive 3 FREE entries into our annual 50/50 raffle!