About Children in Haiti in Crisis

$100K for Emergency Aid to our Schools

Haiti's children are trapped in a cycle of violence, displacement, and hunger. Armed groups are tearing families apart, forcing children to flee their homes and leaving them vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Schools are closed often, and many children are forced to work instead of learning.

Education is Vital to the Future of Haiti.

Prior to Haiti’s crisis, school tuition was already a burden to families living in abject poverty. Haiti One by One exists to provide tuition relief through student sponsorship while sharing the hope of Christ through education. And as of today, Haitians are facing even greater limitations to education. 

  • 362,000+ persons are displaced since last March 2024 (USAID). This drastically impacts a student's progress when forced to leave home, temporarily or permanently.   
  • Civilian protection is at extreme risk due to Gang control areas causing students and staff to question safety to attend school.
  • Food Insecurity is impacting nearly half the population. 
    • USAID, 1.5million are directly affected now and 5million at risk in the coming months.
    • According to CNSA (National Coordination of Food Security), families need at $120 to $152 dollars a month to have access to basic food in the country. As of today, 50% of the population lives on only $90 a month!

Haiti One by One Response

We are fervently praying and checking in with school leaders and pastors. Families in the program are being assessed currently. At this time, we are coordinating with community leaders, pastors and parents to extend assistance beyond sponsor students.  Crisis donations will go towards planning the following:

  • Keeping Kids in School; student evaluation in each school will seek those at risk for incompletion of 23/24 term due to tuition costs. Crisis funds will secure the remaining tuitions needed beyond the currently active program students.
  • Extra Tutoring Services for students behind due to gaps in the school calendar. Exams will be held in July and the time lost from closure of weeks will require students to press into studies even stronger. 
  • Food Supplements to the schools we serve. Students need food security to do well in the class. Families need peace and resource to food access. 

$10 Provides 4 sessions of tutoring for a student.

$100 Helps a Family with food supplements.

$1,000 Helps a School Provide a meal to all students and faculty for a week.

$10,000 Secures all Haiti One by One schools' tuition to prevent dropouts for 23/24.