About Partner $25

Hello C-Life Friend,

As a cherished friend of C-Life, we recognize your passion for the Lord, Africa, and its people deep within. We know you yearn to play a part in a lasting solution, to witness Africa's growth as poverty diminishes and its spiritual and professional impact soar. If this stirs something within you, then you're undoubtedly one of us.

That is why today, I want to formally invite you to join our mission at C-Life, which has been transforming lives for over 7 years? Here's your chance!

Introducing our Partner $25 campaign at C-Life. It's simple: commit to a monthly donation of just $25 or whatever works for you.

Your contribution will directly impact God's kingdom and fight poverty in Cameroon, Africa. With your support, we can cover program expenses, expand our reach through online training, and offer tech-centric skill development.

Your partnership means the world to us and together, we can raise Christ-centered marketplace leaders in Cameroon-Africa. For the cost of one meal a month, you can impact hundreds of lives for years. Watch this impact story of one such life changed thanks to partners like you.

Impact Story

Alumni Sergius is living out the C-Life lifestyle of professional excellence, financial independence and sharing the gospel as a way of life.