About $10 Dog Spay Neuter at Pet Vaccination Clinic

Please note:  There are 3 check-in times for each date.  Registered dogs must be checked in at the Pet Vaccination Clinic located at 6315 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, 46241 at the selected time. Check-in can take up to one hour.  

Hendricks Humane in partnership with Pet Vaccination Clinic facilitates access to reduced-cost dog spay/neuter surgery days for pet dogs of Hendricks County residents. 

Thanks to public donations and grants, Hendricks Humane is offering, for a limited time, to Hendricks County residents to pay only $10 for the spay/neuter surgery for their pet dog. Hendricks Humane pays the balance of the surgery cost to the clinic.   Exception: an additional cost to owners for male dogs over 100 lbs and female dogs over 90 lbs.  Call the office 317-745-3338 for the additional cost.

Reminder: This service is available to Hendricks County resident's pet dogs only, it is not for fostered dogs or if the dog is to be sold.

IMPORTANT:  Your registration cost will not be refunded for no-shows.  If possible, we will move your appointment to the next available day.