About The Earth is Calling

It is hard to care about things you don't feel connected to and yet we are in 24/7 active relationship to the earth, water and air whether we are conscious of it or not. Breathing, hydration, nourishment and gravity are basic to being here.

The ability to inspire stewardship in travelers, depends on how well they connect to the place so they will naturally care more about what they experience. Therefore, Sustain Tahoe's dedicated team is providing guidance, inspiration and a roadmap encased in 3 books:

The Nature in Me - based on sing-along song that highlights how the 'nature we see is the nature in me'

8 Worlds of Wonder - travelers guide to exploring the 8 worlds that define the uniqueness of any place

The Currency of Caring - a blueprint/roadmap on how to create destination stewardship

While drafts are in process on each book, additional resources and support is needed to get them published:

Nature in Me - $3,000 funds to produce a video of the song, pay for printing, marketing and distribution.

8 Worlds of Wonder - $2,500 funds to support illustrator, editor, printing, marketing and distribution
The Currency of Caring - $4,500 funds to finish writing the book, editor, layout for publication, marketing