A personal intensive to discover personal truths through the ancient mystical teachings of the iChing, Mystical Qabalah and its connected Angels, and Egyptian Gods & Goddesses. When we know who we are, we can do what we are called to do in life. It is primarily through all of these teachings that we grow and flourish!

Includes a downloadable workshop manual, your personalized Gene Keys and Human Design Charts, Qabalah Charts & Life Paths, Discussion & Activations, Intuitive Guidance, Guided Meditations, Group Exercises and Partner Exercises. Does not include the Gene Keys Book, which can be purchased on Amazon.

Class Topic Includes:

Meet Your Angels (they will be your guides throughout the workshop); Understanding Your Belief System; The Qabalah (Tree of Life) and Its Meaning; Gene Keys and Life Path Work; Egyptian Gods & Goddesses & What They Teach Us.

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