Discover why your relationships succeed or fail. Understand your dharma, your karma, your sexuality, your IQ, EQ & SQ and the karma from your ancestors. Work with the Mystical Qabalah Archetypes and Life Paths and their Angels. Examine the Gods & Goddesses of Egyptian Mysticism through the lens of relationships. This series takes you deep into the transformational Venus Stream from Gene Keys. You will revisit your life from conception to now and discover your path to overcome all the drama and trauma of childhood and bad choices! It’s time to overcome!

Includes Gene Keys & Human Design Charts, and Qabalah Life Path work. Downloadable manual for all classes. Includes meditation intensives that tie together Gene Keys and Qabalah and Perspectives from Egyptian Gods and Goddess Archetypes. If you miss a class, you may request a video of the online class.

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